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Building a peaceful and united Pomona.

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Our Campaign

An Enduring Voice for Peace and Justice in Pomona

Inspiring change through words, action, and a shared vision. Gustavo "Gus" Ramirez believes in the power of poetry to ignite hearts, volunteering to empower communities, and a bold vision for a thriving Pomona. By using his original poetry as a catalyst for inspiration and fostering a spirit of volunteerism, Gus envisions a Pomona where every voice is heard, every opportunity is accessible, and every person is empowered to create a brighter future.”


Work to Do

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Hands Up

Hope for Holt Avenue & Pomona

A transformative and empathetic initiative aimed at addressing the urgent issues impacting our community's safety and well-being. With a focus on tackling homelessness and combating the fentanyl crisis, Gus seeks to bring lasting solutions to these pressing challenges.

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Environmental Justice

The city of Pomona faces environmental challenges with air pollution and heavy car traffic. This has adverse effects on residents' health and well-being. Sustainable transportation solutions, including investing in public transportation, expanding bike lanes, and promoting electrification and carpooling, are crucial to mitigate these issues to ensure equal access to a healthy environment for all.

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Everyone Deserves a Safe Place to Live

Gus is committed to making affordable and accessible housing a priority in Pomona. Together, we will shape housing policies and bring about positive change for our constituents. Join us in making affordable and accessible housing a reality for everyone!

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